Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The U.S. and North Korean Nukes

I have been reading and watching the news to hear about North Korea and its nuclear program. Yesterday North Korea claimed that it has turned its enriched uranium and plutonium in real nuclear weapons. It kind of sickens me that the North Koreans have been able to complete such a task. It also sickens me that George W. Bush went into Iraq "because of claims", now claims is the key word, that Saddam had nuclear weapons, yet North Korea now says it actually has nuclear missiles, and yet George W. Bush is doing nothing about it but "talking peacfully."


Bob Martin said...

Well, if they ever find oil in North can guess how that stance will change.

Reese Davidson said...

Iraq and North Korea are two totally different situations. North Korea is an isolated dictatorship surrounded by western style democracies (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan). Eventually, North Korea should "fall into place."

Iraq on the other hand is in the middle of a vast region where Israel is the only democracy, and where America's longterm interests are seriously threatened. The only possible longterm solution to the war on terror is to change/Westernize the region and the best way to go about that was to invade Iraq........And it is already working in many ways. Libya has given up its weapons program, there is serious pressure on Iran, Syria is pulling troops out of Lebanon, and there is relative "peace" between the Israelis and Palestinians. As Iraq becomes more stable, the region will only improve.

Ten, twenty years down the line Iraq might be a thriving democracy and we will have won the war on terror. We don't have to worry about North Korea spreading to the rest of East Asia.......Rather, we just have to wait them out, especially if they have nuclear weapons.