Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Human Rights In North Korea II

I was originally planning on using this article to support Rob Hicks' blog posting, but decided to create a separate post so that people can actually notice the article. Apparently North Korea finally admitted to its labor camps, as well as putting human rights on the bottom of its list of priorities. Of course, the information presented in these admissions shouldn't come to us as a surprise, but I found the fact that North Korea finally admitted these things to be quite surprising.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, North Korea has admitted having camps before, although they describe them as relocation areas. But in general, they do have to be caught with their pants down before they will admit anything. And then they try to spin it their way by offering an 'excuse' first. Typical pathological thinking.

They never admit wrong voluntarily. Or admit to changing their minds on anything either. This inflexibility is a very important reason for the increasingly miserable state of their economy (The inability to change their minds when something proves to be the wrong approach - common when a 'leader' wants to be seen as 'infallible'.)

We have big problems in the US with myopic politicians who do this too. Thats why I laugh when Bush tries to 'accuse' Kerry of 'changing his positions'.


Species who don't adapt, (i.e. 'change their minds') become extinct!!!