Thursday, September 16, 2004

No Discussion.

Shortly after British Foreign Office Minister Bill Rammell left Pyongyang yesterday a spokesman for the North Korean government announced that North Korea will not be joining the United States in talks with China, Japan, Russia, and South Korea about North Korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons.

North Korea "...can never sit at the table to negotiate its nuclear weapon program unless truth about the secret nuclear experiments in South Korea is fully probed."

Strikes me as childish that everytime North Korea to face up to some sort of scrutiny they duck away as it approaches.

In response to criticism of Bush's policy towards North Korea I'd like to distinguish one common theme prevalent in both Bush's and North Korea's foreign policy, they both are never wrong and its always someone elses fault (in this case, South Korea)

As John Kerry said recently, "His is the Excuse Presidency: Never wrong, Never Responsible, Never to Blame."

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