Thursday, June 12, 2008

N.Korea supporting S.Korea's beef Protest
(Chosunilbo's article about N.Korea supports S.Korea's beef protest)
(Report's blog shows some evidence of Protest may lead by leftists in S.Korea)

Since S.Korea's new president, Lee Myung Bak is from conservative party which are mostly not cooperative to N.Korea that N.Korea's democratic women organization officially announced their support to beef protest in South Korea.

Also Beefs are from the United States that it is obvious for the N.Korea to support the protest.

N.Korea's democratic women organization not only supporting the protest but also harshly criticized S.korean government. They said S.Korea's government is not rationally made decision and it is a great threat to S.Korean citizens. Therefore we the N.Korean do share some sense of solidarity with South Korean citizens, and we support beef protest.

This N.Korea's announcement actually proves that this protest may was not 100% voluntarily started but there were some opposition people from the left parties in Korea may lead the protest.

There were some pictures from reporter's blog shows, the people from left party most of time they showed up in the protest and they were the people who stand in front of line and lead the protest. Those people are same people who lead the demonstration of destroy MacArthur statue in Incheon.
Therefore now there are some opposition demonstration against this immense beef protest started as well.

There might be some co-relation between N.Korea and S.korean leftist within this beef protest.

Beef Protest

Person in the RED Circle continuosly showed up in every ANTI- AMERICAN protest. Not only this beef protest but also many other anti American protests.

The person, O Jong Ryul is actually the member of S.Korea's Left party.

Beef Protest and S.Korean Police's over reaction protest

Beef Protest

Beef Protest, He is always in front of crowd.

Anti-American Military Base in Korea protest.

Anti American protest about the Korean middle school student ran over by American Tank.

Destroy MacArthur Statue movement, He is also stand in front of crowd.


Emir Yilmaz said...

One issue that I want to understand is whether this South Korean Leftist Party is a Stalinist one. It might be a new left, which North Korea will not like it. In Europe, there is significant and intense anti-Americanism. However, for this, we do not blame or imply European communists. In the recent decades, America has been extremely successful to find enemies. What we need to see in these protests is that people are expressing their opinions. It's happening not because North Korea has an ability of brainwashing the brains of South Koreans but because people do not like the stance taken by the South Korean government on the issue of American beef.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am not saying that this whole protest lead by certain group but there still has some possibilities out there, some may influenced also expanded it, sufficiently. Additionally some of the S.Korean Leftiest members are actually met spies from N.Korea in 70s and 80s. It's even shown in public. Theses day media doesn't showing much. Also previous government was pro N.Korea that even eliminate the S.Korean intellicence office which catch all those spies.
Not too far ago, S.Korean govenment's former intelligence officially mentioned to Media said there are some N.Korean spies deeply work with Leftiest party and their roll is greatly influencing S.Korea as well. They just didn't bring up that issue because they afraid it will cause too much problem and risk.

Anonymous said...

Check out the article that I posted recently. That's official announcement from the S.Korean Intelligence that they found evidence S.Korean LEft party members met N.Korean spy in 2006