Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jung Dae Sae VS Park Ji Sung

North Korean Striker, Jung Dae Sae

South Korea and North Korea had soccer match and the result was not good for South Korean because both Korea tied.

North Korea's star member who leads the most of offense is Jung Dae Sae. He plays soccer in Japanese team, Kawasaki Protalren It is very rare case that North Korean sports man playing soccer in foreign country. Not only he is playing soccer in Japan but also he went to school in Japan which is very surprising. Currently he is the only player in North Korea's team who plays soccer in Japanese league (J-league).

Lee Yong Pyo (Tottenham)
Ahn Jung Hwan (used to play in Italy)

Seol Ki Hyun (Fulham FC)
However, In South Korean team, there are number of players who played soccer in overseas like Netherlands, Italy, England, and Japan. Especially Park Ji Sung is one of the best player in South Korean team. His team is the Machester United.
There are more players who played in Europe; Ahn Jung Hwan, Seol Ki Hyun, Kim Doo Hyun, Lee Young Pyo, and more but despite the number of experienced players in South Korea, the result was tie not victory. Therefore I hope South Korea do better in the future, may there is chance to have another match with North Korea. North Korea's continuous participation in foreign countries sports event is surprising and shows that Kim Jong Il's interest of sports.
Here's soccer match Video clip b/w two Korea
RED color is North White is South
Guy who scored from N.Korea is JUNG DAE SAE

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Emir Yilmaz said...

I knew that South Korea has a powerful soccer tradition. However, I did not know that North Korea is as powerful as South Korea in soccer. This posting came at the very right now - because in the last two weeks I was watching European Soccer finals and Turkish team did really well in it. If I am not wrong, Turkish National team was very well received by South Koreans in the past.