Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One Blogger's Trip to North Korea

I found this great blog from this guy who travelled to North Korea in October 2005. His descriptions of the organized day trips to different sites are detailed and give us interesting insight into daily life. His account is pretty funny too because he adds a lot of his own commentary. He was able to take a ton of great pictures, which kind of surprised me because I thought they were pretty strict about that. I thought it was interesting that the tour group stayed in a hotel on an island in the middle of the Taedong River to isolate them from the locals. The description and pictures of the local food and beer were interesting and a lot of the stuff looked really good.

Reading the blog, I felt like North Korea was a lot more approachable than the media tries to convey, and could even be a nice vacation spot. But of course, one must keep in mind the atrocities that are simultaneously happening outside the city, where access to food is unreliable and concentration camps are fully operating.

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ljplasse said...

its so interesting reading this blog about an americans trip. I share the same sentiment as Veronika, that even though many of the blog posts are sarcastic, it does seem to have a real appeal and is seen through a very different lens than we normally see North Korea depicted in the media