Sunday, June 15, 2008

"Juche Girl"

Just to see what was out there, i googled Juche, and found this blog -
It is pretty unbelievable. The user of the blog uses the name of the revered wife of Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong Seok, and every other blog posting is either about Bush or Chaney being the devil, about how wonderful their dear great leader is and at the end of every blog entry it is either something along the lines of "i hate bush" or "I love our dear handsome, wonderful, fantastic etc etc etc leader". Obviously, there is a lot of doubt in my mind about the legitimacy of this blog, but it is really interesting to look at. This image struck me in particular

I hate US

I hate US because US come to Korea and throw babies inside the wells for Bush personal profit.

I hate US.
posted by Kim Jong Seok @ 27.6.06

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