Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Korean War was premeditated by U.S.

It is June 25th tomorrow, which is the day that the Korean War broke out 50 years ago. While negotiating with the U.S., the DPRK's Roh-dong newspaper repeatedly claimed that the Korean War was schemed by the U.S. in a covert way.

They place an emphasis that U.S. President, Harry Trumen appointed warmonger, the Gen. Douglas MacArther and commanded reorganization of military for provacation in Korean peninsula. To back up their argument, they presented the fact that the U.S. reviewed the whole war sceanarios and issued NSC-68, reflecting on U.S. hegemony. NSC-68 was a classfied report which guided U.S. behavioral directions in the formative stages of the Cold War, which has become one of the classic historical documents of the Cold War.

The Roh-dong newspaper argues that the U.S. did military provocations near the 38th parallel, waiting for DPRK to react, with a purpose to pass the buck to DPRK as an initigator of war. It also contends that the Gen. MacArthur summoned Syngman Rhee, the ROK president to give 11 special directions concerning the approaching war as the plan was set up in Feb, 1950.

Well, as we discussed in class, anti-Amerianism in North Korea is no surprising, rather a typical strategy for North Korea. They have made propaganda to instill such an idea to people's mind. Regardless of the fact, it is evident that it must have been played a critical role in maintaining Kim's regime as a solid ground, demonstrating another tier of DPRK politics, which is for domestic control. What a deceitful kingdom it is!

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