Saturday, June 21, 2008

Using Disarming Nuclear facility as a SHOW in N.Korea

Here News Article from Chosun

N.Korean government even using disarming nuclear facility in young byun as a Show Event.
N.Korea is plan to explode the Freezing tower of Young Byun Nuke facility. This Exploding event as a symbol of demilitarizing North Korea. Therefore N.Korea is plan to broadcast Young Byun Nuclear facility to outside broadcasting companies as well. Since they allow outside broadcasting company to join the event that they request more money for the United States government.

So far N.Korea is very cooperative to disarming Nuke facility and the U.S. promised to erase their name from the Terrorist countries. Condi will visit S.Korea at the end of June and discuss more about this N.Korea issue.

Such cooperation from the North Korea is very unsual sign which wonders why the N.Korea is so cooperative to this disarming the nuke facility.

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