Saturday, June 14, 2008

"North defector to run for GNP"

Yeung Seung-Gil, 39 years old North Korean defector, is running for the Grand National Party election in "Seoul’s southwestern ward of Gangseo, where he resides." He claimed that he is going to represent the interest of North Korean defectors. However, he still has to raise about $15,000 to become formal candidate. Even though it is large amount of money for Yeung, he is optimistic that increasing number of defectors (11,696: Estimated by Unification Ministry) will help to raise the money. If he succeeds raising the money, he will be the first North Korean defector candidate in the country's history.

I think this shows how the defectors are starting to adapt to South Korea’s poltical system and try to have some influence in politics. I am uncertain whether Yeung is going to be elected or not. But this still is significant because it shows North Korean defectors are really starting to take baby steps to directly involve in the politics.

P.S- Every defectors gain their South Korean citizenships after they finish two months resettlement training.

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