Wednesday, June 04, 2008

S.Korean Military VS N.Korean military (South Korean Special Force) (North Korean Special Force)

All Korean men must go to military service. It is unchangeable destiny for all Korean men, whether they like it or not. Men must serve the military because S. Korea and N.Korea is divided in two. Even though there are U.S. troops to support military power, it doesn't mean S.Korea can only rely on U.S. military force. Therefore S.Korea continuously does mandatory draft from S.Korea and spent big amount of GDP on National Defense as well.

On the other hand, North Korea has more soldiers than S.Korean soldiers and U.S. soldiers combined. Also the number of tanks, missiles, ships, and other weapons are out numbered S. Korean military. Therefore keeping U.S. force on S.Korean soil is significant but there were some Anti-American solidiers movement continously occured in S.Korea that about couple years ago, George W. Bush decide to pulled out some military personnel in S.Korea and rather put more efficient weapons like missiles.

Overall military power of S.Korea is 9 th in the world, where as N.Korean military power is 4 th in the world. Compare to size of nation, N.Korean military is very powerful. In N.Korea about 70% of whole population involved with some what military work including teenagers and women.

Some say the reason why S.Korea keeps S.Korean military is when war begins then S.Korean force can maintain the situation about 2 weeks which is about U.S. aircraft carrier will reach to the Korean sea board.
military comparison between North and South in 2000


Wonsun said...

Hello from a grad student in University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. I happened to somehow stumble upon your posting.

I study computer science, so this subject is by no means my field of expertise.

However it seems pretty obvious even to me that your piece is of sub-par quality, considering that you seem to be an undergrad from GW University.

Where are the references? By what measure is the North Korean military ranked 4th in the world? Is NK more capable than the U.S., Japan, China, Britain, France, Russia? There.. I've already listed 6 nations. Youtube footage and links to an internet bbs hardly serve as references.

I would expect more from a student of a well-respected university. Maybe my high regards for this institution was misplaced.

익현 said...

What the heck is say that???
south korea military is stronger than north korea!!!
after korean war, south korea was preparing military for war with north korea.
south korea has F-15K, AEGIS ship, The 4th strong land force in the world!!
and also north korea use weapons are almost oldest and some of the weapons are can't use it!!