Friday, June 13, 2008

North Korea's new rich - How the other 0.0000001% live May 29th 2008 | PYONGYANG

According to the article, North Korea, like any other country in the world has an elite class whose member can go shopping like crazy. Yes, in an international fair opened in Pyongyang, the members of this elite club was able to engage exchange transactions, luxury items for dollars. However, as the article mentions, the problem is that because of the emerging global food crisis, North Korea is on a fast track toward another famine because its food distribution system is about to break down while communist elites are showing off their capitalistic abilities. This is not Marx fighting behind the barricades of Paris Commune had proposed. Theoretically, that communism is not compatible with human nature and thus Marx was wrong can be discussed. However, what has been happening in North Korea cannot be used as evidence against Marx.

Another point that this article has brought to my mind is that if the food distribution system breaks down, then, we will cretainly observe an escalation in the nuclear blackmailing practices of North Korea.

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