Saturday, June 14, 2008

N.Korea made Diploma to S.Korean students who killed by U.S. Tank

This shows how deeply the N.Korea is involve with S.Korea's Anti-American Protest.

There was incident that U.S. military Tank in S.Korea accidently ran over 2 middle school students while the military performing training operation in 2002. Therefore they obviously could not finished their education in middle school. So N.Korea made diploma to them as a honor
but this triggers most critical issue in Korea and U.S. relationship. It is great tactic of N.Korea which will touch the hearts of S.Koreans and make them think N.Korea is your family where as the U.S. is your enemy.

Right after this incident happended in 2002, resulted mass protest which is comparable size to this Beef Protest in S.korea thesedays.

N.Korea made diploma to those S.korean student who killed by U.S. Tank which shows great evidence of N.Korea supporting S.Korea's left wingers and Anti- American issue.
Therefore S.Korean government continuously suspect there are some possibility this beef protest is also led by S.Korean Leftist and N.Korea. And they found some evidence of it ; Heads of Left party members continously showed up in the protest also Former president Roh's government controlling system e- Ji Won computer system in his home which only should be preserve for the S.Korean government.

This is the Video Clip made from N. Korea about the diploma they made for the 2 students who killed.

At the beginning of this video, the first word poped up is "우리민족끼리" which means only between our blood, our family. This shows N.Korea is part of S.Korea and we are all one blood therefore kick out the U.S. out of our business.

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