Saturday, June 14, 2008

MEETING between N.Korean spy and S.Korean Leftiest party members

Democratic Labor Party (민주노동당)in S. Korea

This article was originally posted in 2006, but I like to share with it because one of you put a response about my other post questioning about the relationship between S.Korean leftist party and the N.Korea.

First of all, S. Korean Leftist parties' ideology might not be exactly same as the N.Korea's ideology.

But at least from the perspective of the N.Korea, as long as they shares some common idea then they like to cooperate each other. Since there is no mercy from Conservative party towards N.Korea, N.Korea should work with Left wings.

However South Korea's Left party shares exactly same mentality as the North Korean party.
It is not like Stalinist left idea nor Marxism but it is North Korean Socialism. The Left party members are known as 386 generation who directly educated from the North Korean Spies and they full y understand the ideology of the North Korea.

They are the one who eliminate the National Security Law(국가보안법) which catch and watch all the Spies and those people who are cooperate to the North Korea. And they like to eliminate the U.S. military base in S. Korea. These things are all favor to the North. Further more, the former president, Kim Dae Joong's Sunshine treaty is also part of one great favor to the North which support N.Korea economically and any other possible supports.

According to this article, S.Korean Secret Intelligence (국가정보원) found the evidence and found the data when Heads members of S.Korean Left Party(a.k.a Min Ju No Dong Dang, Democratic Labor party) met with N.Korean spies. They were about three head members of leftist party members. According to intelligence, they even visited N.Korea several times. Also there are about 9 more suspicious left wing party members also under investigation.

This is another possibility about the beef protest.

Additional comment about the beef protest would be the S.Korea's former pro N.Korea president Roh.

Before he finished his presidency, he built his village, Bong ha in Southern parth of S.Korea.
The Key issue is within those construction, he did not only built his House but the System of S.Korea. The system that controls all the network in S.Korea. It is the core electronic system of S.Korean government. It is computer data base which contains all the critical elements of the S.Korea. This Known as "e-ji won(pile of intelligence)" system.

This program should not be duplicate in any reason and this program should only sustain and remain in S.Korean government because it is the most important data base of S.korea. But since there are 2 system is running in S.Korea including Roh's therefore there are obvious possibility Roh can access to Government's data anytime which consider to be a hacking. But still he is remain silence and ignoring the Government's warning.

Further more, the price of His house region multipled 49times than before which proves that Roh knows all the critical data of S.korea. Therefore there are some possibility he and his people may influenced S.Korean netizen about the Beef protest though his "e-ji won" program. Since S.Korean are very active in Internet, especially the minihompage things. And no wonder why there were so many Anti-American News Articles posted in those internet hompages where many people visit daily.

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