Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kimjongilia and Kimilsongia

We briefly discussed in class the propagation of the Kims’ designated flowers throughout North Korea. I did some further research and found that the flowers actually are unique, having been specially cultivated in hybrid forms.

The Kimilsungia, a hybrid form of the orchid, was presented to Kim Il Sung while visiting Indonesia in 1965. It was taken back to the Central Botanical Garden in Pyongyang to be appropriately propagated.

A few years later, Japanese botanist Dr. Kamo Mototeru recognized the need for a Kimjongilia. He created a new hybrid of the tuberous begonia in his lab in 1988.

The two flowers were planted in large numbers throughout the country. Also, the annual flower show is a special event for North Koreans.

In 1988, the North Korean governments graciously provided outsiders with a 97 page report in English, Kimjongilia: The King Flower Has Appeared and Spread Abroad, on the origin of the flowers and scientific detail. The Japanese cultivator Mototeru himself narrates the essay.

My favorite part is the description of the flowers’ popularity. The essay claims the flowers are spreading quickly throughout the world because all people recognize Kim’s greatness. “Dear General Kim Jong Il has already sent the flowers as gifts to 47 countries in the world, which is evoking great admiration in these countries.” It has even been awarded gold medals at various international flower shows.

Finally, I found a Youtube video of a Kimjongilia Festival.


Emir Yilmaz said...

This is fantastic. Thank you for such a wonderful information. What they do employ in North Korea is not socialism. It's a cult mentality. A nation is carved out of a cult.

Eric Reid said...

I agree with Emir, this is absolutely incredible. North Korea, more specifically the Kim's. has truly made its own religion. Whatever the Kim's have said dismissing religion, they have made it up by producing their own religion and forcing the mass populace to worship them.