Thursday, June 05, 2008

N. Korea Taking Tougher Stance, Ex-Envoy Warns

Washington Post, May 30, 2008 A10

Charles "Jack" Pritchard is a former top U.S. negotiator with North Korea. He worked for both Clinton and Bush administrations. According to this WP article, he claims that Senior North Korean officials told him that "United States should get used to a nuclear-armed North Korea."
Also, the same North Korean officials refuted the recent claim by the Bush administration that they would reveal information about facilities generating plutonium metal. Or they will not reveal any information related to weaponizing the plutonium in North Korea. Also, the North Korean officials argued that based on the agreement they were not required to disclose any information about the nuclear project in Syria. Furthermore, they will also not disclose any information on the number of nuclear bombs that North Korea has. Thus, as the article mentions, very tough days is waiting for the incoming U.S. administration.

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