Thursday, June 19, 2008

Snapshot of Kim Jung-il's second son, Kim Jung-chol

Recently, the Great leader's son, Kim Jung-il's second son whose name is Kim Jung-chol's photos were released to public by Jung Sung-jang, the researcher in Sejong institute.
These photos were taken the days that Kim Jr. went to school in Switzerland(1993-1998).
For his security, he used his pseudo name, Chol Pak.
In the photos, he just looks like an ordinary youth from a luxurious family.
It is interesting that Kim could afford to send his son to Switzerland.
How benevolent father Kim Jung-il is!

As you know, North Korea suffered from extreme poverty during the period he studied abroad.
This is a big contrast, reminding me of the people that we saw in the video clip in class.
Accoring to recent news article, he led a sort of inspection[Geom-yeol] of Cheon-jin city. Allegedly, his amateurish leadership was object of criticism there.

Despite a lot of rumors, the sucession of leadership is still veiled in mystery
Can North Korean people worship him as their fatherly-caring leader, Kim Il-sung and Kim Jung-il?

Well, he is young. (Oh my goodness, he and I are of the same age. Maybe I can be his friend later.) Besides, he is unexperienced, obviously as seen in the recent inspection.
I am skeptical about another inheritance from Kim Jong-il to whoever it is among his distingushed sons. But, who knows. I guess it is wiser to wait and see Kim Jong-il's decision than make a wrong prediction based on unreliable sources.

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