Friday, June 27, 2008

Must See: Demolition of Yeongbyun Nuclear Reactor Cooling Tower

This film shows demolition of the Yeongbyun Nuclear Reactor cooling system. You should see this clip. It's historically very symbolic and let's hope that the Six-Part-Talk will progress further.


Veronika said...
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Veronika said...

I would agree that this is an important moment. It shows that North Korea is serious about its attempts to advance diplomatic relations and largely reduce its nuclear capabilities.
However, I do think it is interesting that Kim allowed the event to be so highly publicized. Andy, in the previous blog post on the same topic, highlighted that a number of international news broadcasters were in attendance. I believe that giving the event such a high profile could also be symbolic and might work to distract outsiders, giving Kim freedom in other fronts. Like we learned in the presentation yesterday, North Korea often deals as a "two face."

Eric Reid said...

I agree that this is an important moment, but I do not really see that North Korea is really serious about stabilizing diplomatic relations with the rest of the wold. I believe that Kim and the elite in the north have other agendas and this is just part of their game. But, I hope that I'm wrong.