Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Funny North Korean Ad video

I was searching through Youtube and found this.
I have no idea what this is an ad for, but there are things about it that are very insightful. First, the militarism that is shown in the beginning with the practicing of the huge football-like signs is directed by a military official. In addition to this, there is footage of a huge parade, obviously for Kim Jong-il (although, obviously, played by someone else - which in itself is interesting that anyone would want to take up that role considering the type of possible backlash that could have). But when the main guy - who is frustrated over his inability to conform - wakes up, the alarm clock has at its center a picture of the great leader. It then flashes to the parade, where the military is walking perfectly in line, people are overjoyed and emotional by the sight of the great leader, and there are military personnel surrounding Kim Jong-il. At the end, when there is a gap in his teeth, and the leaders reaction to it, is indicative of how important uniformity and participation in such events are essential to North Korean life. The main issue with this ad is the very last part when you see the main guy sleeping - there is no way, he could EVER be sleeping so calmly knowing the consequences to his actions. But either way it is a fun video

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Anonymous said...

its a dutch insurance commercial aired some years ago really funny actually