Monday, November 08, 2004

While we were finding WMDs in Iraq....

North Korea was busy shipping off nuclear materials to Iran.
According to the Shimbun, North Korea air transported several kilograms of
fluorine gas, a requisite material for producing the "fluorinated uranium
(UF6)," a material needed for making enriched uranium, to Iran on May 20.

Now, I don't know if this source is credible, but if it is, this topic should be cause for much concern. Also, an anti-war blog discusses Why North Korea Needs Nukes.


Mike Malaguti said...

North Korea air?? I didn't know North Korea had a state airline. Where do they fly to?

Kirk said...

North Korea acutally does have a state-run airline: Air Koryo. According to this website:

Present scheduled passenger routes link the North Korean capital to Berlin, Moscow and Sofia -- relics of the country's past, if sometimes strained, political links with states which have now renounced communism -- and to Beijing. It also flies a regular route to Khabarovsk in the Russian Far East to serve North Korean contract workers in the logging industry. In September it also opened a twice-weekly service to Macau, the Portuguese colony on the Chinese mainland.

On top of its scheduled runs, the airline operates charter services to Asian, African and some European countries. Kim said many foreign airlines had already applied to fly over North Korea -- a saving on time and fuel the Geneva and Montreal-based IATA says will cut costs for carriers operating in the region by more than $125 million a year.

Fly the friendly skies!