Monday, November 29, 2004


According to this very short article, the IAEA "cited" South Korea as making small amounts of weapons grade plutonium.. Why doesnt the north jump all over that? I think that both sides need to see each other as equals before anything can happen, and the DPRK may be thinking the south is getting away with their programs, why should we stop..

Also, this article brings up the extension of the freeze of the light water reactors for the north. It was originally intended to expire 12.1.04 and has been extended a full year. They say construction is 1/3 complete, and they're doing maintenance work on the site, i guess to keep it ready for a miraculous return to construction. if we ever finished the reactors, the north would not really have much weight behind the argument that we never tried to help them, and that we were causing the energy crisis. We stopped the shipment of fuel oil after the 2002 discovery of the HEU program.

if KEDO finished the reactors, do you think the north would feel pressure to stop its nuclear program or just continue on like nothing has developed in its relations with the international community?


Catherine said...

I think the North could not longer use that specific point against the US but would still be just as unresponsive on their nuclear weapons and programs. Kim Jong Il would begin talking about how we did not provide them enough aid and enforce even more the fact that the United States is still responsible for all problems while tyring to create more nuclear weapons from these new reactors.

Bob Martin said...

If the North jumped all over that, it would be the equivalent of the pot calling the kettle black.