Sunday, November 07, 2004

change in bush policy?

This is an interesting article written by an asian news agency about how the Iraq war could influence Bush's policy in Iraq. It says that the primary lesson learned by the Bush administration during the Iraq war is that he cannot "go in alone" which he basically did in Iraq, with the exception of Poland. This will have two effects on his policy towards Iraq, the article says. One, it will further cement Bush's opinion that bilateral talks will not work. And second, in the event that military action is taken against the DPRK, Bush will first seek widespread international support and build a true coalition before going in. The article also says that even if North Korea did dismantle its weapons programs, Kim would never let weapons inspectors search the entire country. Finally, the article says that human rights should be as important an issue as nuclear proliferation if Bush wants to maintain a consistent foreign policy. He can't go into Iraq and then, when no weapons are found, claim that it was to remove a horrible dictator, and then let Kim reside in Pyongyang for ten more years. Do you guys think it would be hypocritical for Bush to invade Iraq and then let the North Korea situation simmer?

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