Saturday, November 06, 2004

More on Charles Jenkins

This is another article about Charles Jenkins. It is not necessarily a direct interview, but there are many direct quotes from Jenkins that is included throughout the article. For those who have not read about Jenkins yet, here is a brief overview of what happened:
  • Jenkins vanished from South Korea in 1965
  • For years he lived in a bare one-room hut with three other Americans
  • He and his wife were happily united in their hatred of the regime, he says
  • Jenkins, seeking leniency from the U.S. Army, is offering details on North Korean espionage

Despite defecting to the North, Jenkins is willing to accept what the Americans give him:

What he wants now is an end to a nearly four-decade odyssey as he prepares to turn himself over to the Americans. He has no interest in getting a civilian attorney. "The American army has supplied, assigned a very capable man to me, to help me, bring me to military justice. I don't think I need no civilians. All I want to do is clear myself with the American army.

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