Thursday, November 18, 2004

Downsizing the cult of Kim Jong Il

This directly relates to what we were discussing in class last week. Apparently, some portraits of the "dear leader" are being removed from various public places. Also, some news stations have stopped the honorific "dear leader" when referring to Kim. Perhaps this is Kim's own doing? See the full story here: (sorry again for the lack of linkage)


Pete McCarthy said...

I would say it was Kim Jong Il's own doing for a couple reasons. Kim is the type of person who wouldn't halt his self-praise just for any old reason, and thus there must be something greater to it. CNN analysts believe that Kim's want for economic modernization, even on a small scale, may have this as a necessity. Also with North Korea becoming more impoverished he is removing himself as a "target of discontent." Kim is not the type of man to give up years of self-adulation just for the good of the people or a loss of power. Kim is being very calculated in his moves it seems.

Phil Blumberg said...

here's an article saying pretty much the same thing. the cool thing is that they interview Kenneth Quinones. Here's the link,