Monday, November 01, 2004

Something Bigger Going On?

Hey All-
Saw this article on this morning. It says that 3 North Korean navy vessels crossed the maritime border in 2 separate locations, causing South Korean patrol boats to fire upon the ships and force them back over the border. My question is, could something on a larger scale being going on here? I think that when you combine this information with the information about the 3 holes in the DMZ fence, chances are pretty high that the two are somehow related and that something is in the works. What does everyone think?

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Phil Blumberg said...

It's definitely possible that there is something bigger going on, but it's also possible that the DPRK Navy vessels crossed the maritime border as a response to Operation Samurai, the joint practice operation that was conducted close to North Korea. Kim could be just fluffing his feathers, I think if Kim really wanted to attack he would have sent more ships and if he wanted to infiltrate people he may have used smaller, civilian vessels. I think the North Koreans may have been trying to spark a conflict, but it definitely wasn't an invasion. Also, doesn't recent evidence suggest that the hole in the fence was made by a South Korean? This doesn't mean the two incidents aren't connected, but I think it diminishes the chances of a large North Korean conspiracy. One possibility, however, that goes along with what Lauren was saying is that the North Koreans have founding something out about the hole in the fence (like South Korean spies used it to go through) and sent the Naval vessels in response to that. What I think the maritime border crossing and the hole in the fence definitely represent is an escalation of tensions between the two countries and a move toward military action rather than negoiation.