Wednesday, November 03, 2004

4 More Years...

So Kerry finally concedes. I watched the returns nonstop last night from 7:00pm-3:00am, predicting, correctly, that Bush would win. And indeed it did all come down to Ohio. As I have said before, I voted for Kerry, but I still truly did not mind a Bush victory. I have said many times there were both advantages and disadvantages to both of them.

I am glad Bush won for his North Korea policy of bilateral talks. Kim Jong Il had been known to be watching the American election closely before negotiating to see if there would be a shift in power. No dice. Maybe now he will submit and realize that multi-lateral talks are the only way he can communicate with us.

Anyway, I wouldn't have been completely happy with either Kerry or Bush becoming president, as each of them is significantly flawed. However, with Bush's victory, it is time to unite the country. I know we have been very polarized as a nation for the past year and more, but we have to accept the voters' decision. In this race, Bush won in both the popular vote and the electoral college, so I don't see this become another 2000 election debacle. It is my hope that such antics do not occur in 2004.

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Bob Martin said...

Obviously depressed over the outcome, I am still shocked at the apparent disconnection between the Democratic Party and the majority of Americans, considering that Bush has a sub-50% approval rating, yet his opposition was unable produce an opponent who could capitalize on his wrongdoings. I was an ant-Bush voter, not a pro-Kerry voter, and honestly, I am apprehensive about the next four years.

If there's any positive spin I can put on this for myself, I am pleased that Kerry decided to concede instead of protracting a legal battle. The vote in Ohio was clearly not as close as Florida last time.