Sunday, November 28, 2004

Korea Watch

Stumbled across this site......It gives two different explanations for the removal of Kim Jong Il's photos...

The experts: This consequentially leads to my assumption that, by reducing his own role for the ideological stability of the system, Kim Jong-il might be resolving one of the most pressing issues in North Korean domestic politics: his succession.

The bloggers: I'm still not convinced. I think there has been a coup or some sort of physical ailment or death to the leader. In my previous entry I reported that media had also stopped referring to him as "Beloved Leader".


Mike Malaguti said...

That's interesting. There are obviously a lot of rumors circulating on the internet (military draft in the US...). I think people are reading to much into the removal of a few pictures.

Catherine said...

He may be paving the way for a successor. I don't think Kim Jong Il has any reason or intent to step down as leader any time soon but he may feel it is time to begin phasing in a new person. His father acted the same way and the transition went fairly well so why wouldn't Kim Jong Il do the same thing?