Monday, November 01, 2004

Pressure on North Korea and Iran

here is an article talking about the nuclear situation in both the DPRK and Iran. Notice that he is frustrated by the lack of 6 party talks. He said he was "a bit frustrated" at the inefficiency of the talks and not drawing the North Koreans to negotiate.

He also said, "I'm telling the North Koreans again that the international community is ready to look into your security concerns, ready to look into your economic and humanitarian needs, but a prerequisite is for them to commit themselves to full, verifiable, dismantlement of their weapons program - as they say they have a weapons program,"

Now, if history serves as an indicator, which it has proved not to, ie. Red Sox, Kerry will be the president according to the outcome of yesterday's Redskins game (maybe its something to do with the Red theme...) He'll be for bilateral talks in North Korea, for United Nations involvement, and against the ideas of the UN's IAEA chief?

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