Wednesday, May 23, 2007

National Geographic

A couple of weeks ago I saw the majority of a documentary of North Korea by National Geographic. Lisa Ling along with a doctor, Dr. Ruit, was able to go into North Korea because Dr. Ruit would be performing eye surgery on 1000s of North Koreans to help restore their vision.

I don't know much about North Korea and I've heard all the stories about the cult personality and how different these people are, but I guess it never really hit me until I saw this documentary. In the article, Lisa Ling talks about how she was surprised when every single person who was able to see again didn't thank Dr. Ruit, but Kim Jong-Il. I remember parts when Lisa Ling and her camera crew were threatened and almost kicked out of North Korea because they were taking pictures of the massive monuments at a downward angle. It was really hard to believe that in this day and age there are still places with this kind of cult personality.

I'm not sure when National Geographic will be airing this documentary again, but I think it's definitely worth watching.

The link is to the short article that Lisa Ling wrote about her experiences:

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Christina Sin said...

The documentary will air again on June 19th at 8pm and 11pm.