Thursday, May 24, 2007

Korean Food

As I said before, Korean food is probably my favorite food. They cook with a lot of hot peppers and the spicy flavors are great. My favorite dish is Dolsot Bibim bap. This dish combines meat, rice and several vegatables in a scalding stone dish. The dish is topped with a fried egg and hot red chili sauce.
Also as Professor Larsen mentioned Kimchi is a staple Korean food. Kimchi is picked cabbage with red peppers. However, Kimchi comes in many other forms such as cucumber and bean sprout. They are all delicious.
The web site with all these recipes is
There is also a history of Kimchi and it recommends several restaurants in the area. I recommend Cho's Garden, its in Fairfax and one of my favorites.


Christina Sin said...

i'm getting hungry now and i miss my mom's homecooked meals now. :)

Sang said...

ah,, Dolsot Bibim bap. good call