Sunday, May 27, 2007

Is Kim Jong Il sick?

I read a Korean news article that the rumor of worsening Kim's sickness seems to get more reliability. It says, comparing to last year, the number of Kim's public activity is decreased as half and he has been suffering from diabetes and a heart disease. It also says American intelligence is trying to make sure the fact. Of course, possibility of rising power struggle was mentioned too. But I think that professor mentioned in class that possibility of regime inheritance is very low. Furthermore, it is often said about no strong candidate among Kim's offspring. Then what will be the future picture of North Korea? I don't expect Kim's sudden death but I worry about chaos following his death.

here's a link for someone who wants to read the news (it is written in Korean)

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julienne said...

is Kim's son really going to succeed his father as well. this hereditary succession doesn't make sence.