Monday, May 28, 2007

Korean War Vets

Hey folks in honor of memorial day and and our country's veterans I wanted to post a link to an article concerning a US vet of the Korean War.

My grandfather was in the US Army and served in the Korean War on a tour of duty that look him far north, as far up as near the Sino-Korean border (if my memory serves me correctly). It has been a little over three years since his passing, but I'll never forget how he spoke of Korea and the War. He was awarded a Purple Heart after grenade shrapnel hit him in his leg, another serviceman had to carry him on his back to safety or else he may have died in the snow. My grandfather never forgot the cold of Korea, he said it was a cold he would never forget, that no cold weather he has ever experienced could compare the cold he experienced in Korea.

Please share your veterans stories if you have any. Perhaps someone could provide an account from the Korean perspective?

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