Wednesday, May 30, 2007

North Korean Official History

I was searching google for North Korean topics and stumbled upon one of the official North Korean websites. The link that I have posted is the section regarding the Korean War, titled Motherland's Liberation. I thought many of you would be interested in this "official" account of Korean history. For example, this quote was one of the more humorous lines regarding the US economy following WWII: "Specially due to the U.S. economical crisis started in 1948, they used the Korean War to evade the problems."
The site also uses the term "Yankees" (referring to the United States), which can be funny or offensive, depending on how you look at it. Furthermore, it is interesting to compare different sections of this website with what we have learned in class and what we have read, especially in the Martin book. There is also a section on the origins of Korea, titled Old Korea, which I enjoyed browsing.
Enjoy the site! (you can also find information on visiting NK, an even closer first-hand account of the propaganda, for lack of a better word)

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