Friday, May 25, 2007

North Korea launched missiles again

This news made me sigh. I was looking for North Korea's reaction after the U.S.A unfreezed the money of the DPRK at Banko Delta Asia regarding the Feburary 13th Agreement. Instead I found that the North Korea tested several missiles to the Sea between the ROK and Japan. News reports that the test was one of the annual events, was viewed as not threatening as nuke and it was "the response to South Korea's launch of its first destroyer equipped with high-tech Aegis radar technology." However, it makes me worry that the North Korea's inconsistent behavior will bring iced air to the Six Party Talks again.

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Christina Sin said...

I just find the whole concept of nuclear weapons ridiculous and in an idealistic world I believe we shouldn't even have any.

I personally would feel uncomfortable with any type of nuclear missiles and testings, but I think that we focus so much on North Korea because of the lack of information we have about this country. It's this veil of secretness that makes us even more nervous. But then I get to thinking is the launching of nuclear missile testing in secret scarier than when countries do it out in the open? I'm not even sure about my thoughts on that question.