Saturday, May 26, 2007

the complex simplicity of interpertation

As I was reading the Song of Ariran I was quickly reminded of what yo know or believe is in many cases dependent on what you want to believe. As we were discussing all the stories in class that take place in Korea, China or Japan we came across similar stories with very different interpretations. The paragraph that discusses the ease in which Koreans learn other languages, reminded me the humorous extent to which these interpretations can go. The Japanese explain this as proof to Korea being an inferior country "a natural colony." The reason for the difficulty Japanese people have learning languages, is that the Japanese are a dominant race. It is amazing, how this competition comes up in so many opportunities, and the ease at which humans can create beliefs based on nothing.

** I read the blog about Korean food, there is a great Korean restaurant Mandu, on 18th st. by Dupont Circle.

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