Friday, June 30, 2006

Would the USA really care if Kim gets a nuclear weapon?

As we have discussed in class and read in articles and seen on TV, North Korea is trying to launch a nuclear test weapon, Tapedong II. It seems that they are doing this just so that they can prove to the Bush adminstration that they can develop weapons of mass destruction and use them if they should please, to hit "Alaska".......big woop so you kill some elk, frankly i dont care and niether do the rest of America.
Was it Kim who organized terrorist cells from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan to take down the WTC and pentagon, no! So i dont worry about Kim Jung Il.
Hey kim, you know we have 30,000 nuclear warheads, and we will never be able to use any of them, so shut the hell up. You want a nuke fine, you think China, Russia and the US will let you luanch that as a premtive stirke to assume control of the penninula, um no. Also for that matter, you would risk fallout over Pyongyang, while annhilating the one beacon of hope to salvage your ravaged nation, thats right, the economic potential of Seol?
So I ask you this Kim, if you want to let your people starve and quite possibly rally in a one day coupe, organized by a more down to the earth leader, then by all means. I know its hard to give up abosulte power, but what would your father think? Kim, grow some balls, shut up and help your people.


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