Sunday, June 11, 2006

Video on North Korea

I was searching in video google to see if there were more videos like the one Austin posted, and came across this documentary. It is approximately 45 minutes long, but well worth watching. It shows orphans that are left roaming in the streets, ignored by the state (very different from what Kim Il-Sung used to do with the war orphans)... We also see what is shown at night on TV, including Kim Jong-Il's "on-spot guidance" for which his father was known for.
Enjoy the video.

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kat said...

I watched a similar special report aired on CNN in November 2005. The report featured a video smuggled out of North Korea showing the public execution of a man who was sent to prison for helping defectors escape to China. The local residents were forced to watch the killing as an example of what happens to people who are involved with outside contact. Other videos showed starving children begging for food, dead bodies in the street, and a defaced poster of Kim Jong Il reading: “Kim Jong Il, who are you? You are a tyrant. People will not forgive you and we will bring you down from power. We want freedom and democracy. Open policy is the only way for us to survive.”
North Korea’s Juche ideology emphasizes self–sufficiency. With their history as a Japanese colony, this might seem like a good idea, but it gives them no comparative advantage in international trade. Hence, since 1970, North Korea’s economy has continued to decline and cause the suffering and famine in the country. Will Kim Jong Il ever modify the Juche principle in order to save the country?