Wednesday, June 14, 2006

North Korea congratulates the South

I was reading the sports newspaper of Ole (from Argentina) and I came across this article. Because it is in Spanish, I will translate some of the passages:

"Through Kim Yong dae, the vice president of the Supreme Popular Assembly (?), North Korea congratulated the South for its victory over Togo yesterday, and encouraged the South Korean players to reach the finals. He remembered that in 2002, South Korea had the privilege to be among the four best teams and said that North Korea wishes they reach that instance.

Furthermore, Ahn Kyung-ho, the chief of civil representatives (?) said: "Since we are a single "pueblo" (I would translate this into "people"), we were excited about South Korea's victory over Togo."

Did they really mean all this or is it just another way to show the world that not everything is bad in the relationship between the North and the South? Still, I believe it is good to hear these kind of things from the North. What do you guys think?

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austin kim said...

I believe the North Korea was sincere in their congratulatory message to the South. I've heard the Chinese as well as the Japanese were pleased to see a fellow Asian nation reach victory in the World Cup. North Koreans I feel were driven more by sympathy towards fellow Koreans in the South rather then simply a diplomatic gesture. Afterall, since when has the North Korean government been diplomatic in its messages rather they are know known for being blunt and straightforward in their statements.