Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Japan vs. North Korea

I recently read this article on the New York Times. It seems that Japan wants to get ready if North Korea decides to do something...


newshound said...

Can you maybe post the full article? I don't have a registration for it.

That being said, and having seen the rhetoric from both sides, I think Japan would be stupid to NOT show at least a little stubbornness towards the North Koreans. It seems as if they've just decided to roll over when it comes to South Korea and the Liancourt Rocks.

tkpark said...

Sorry for not getting back at your post before, here are some of the important passages from the article:

Title: Pentagon Approves $458 Mln Missile Sale to Japan

Part of the article:

``The Aegis weapon system and Standard missiles will be used on (Japanese) ships and will provide, in concert with Japan Self Defense Forces PAC-3 Patriot missiles, the initial ballistic missile defense for mainland Japan,'' the DSCA said in announcing the deal.

John Pike, a defense analyst for globalsecurity.org, said the sale marked a ``significant step'' for Japan, which was growing increasingly concerned about North Korea's stockpile of missiles capable of reaching Japanese cities, possibly tipped with nuclear weapons.

The sale would also help the United States by protecting U.S. bases in Japan that could also be targeted by North Korea, he said.

I hope this helped...