Monday, June 19, 2006

98's/Current missile test and some ironies

Some of you might still remember...this current missile threat is not the first time.
On August 31st, 1998 without informing to anyone, North Korea shot the DaePo-Dong 1st. As Professor Larsen briefly talked about North Korea's missile, DaePo dong is consist of three different missiles. In 1998 missile test, the third part of the missile reached up to 6000km (distance from North Korea to Alaska). *The first part of the missile fell in Japanese side Pacific Ocean, but their patriot system did not detect it, so they were shocked. 4 days after missile test, KCNA said they launched the satellite KwangMyung 1 (the bright star). In following September, North Korea waived its missile program on the stipulatin that the US easing economic sanction on North Korea.

According to various sourses, the missile is beleived to be a long-range DaePo-Dong 2 (upgraded missile from 98's) test missile which could reach as far as the mainland of the US. The US is considering about reffering North Korea th the UN Security Council.

South Korean government's principle is to cooperate with the US on this missile issue, but they do not want this issue to be reffered to the UN. Former president Kim Dae Jung is still planning to go North Korea and meet Kim Jung IL during his visitJune 27-30. The purpose of visit is to celerbrate their summit meeting of 2000. North Korean delegation is currently visiting South Korea. They made two nonsense comments; 1. If Hanara (the opposition party to current S.Korean government) gets the power, the Korean peninsula will have another Korean War. They are the biggest obstacle for the unification. 2. South Korea should not be worried about North Korea's missile test. ( I really want to give my middle finger to them).

Ironically and Unfortunately, in South Korea, not many people care about the current missile issue because their all intentions are focused on the dramatic performance of the National Football Team at the World Cup. Also, Roh's government and his advisors are saying North Korea's nuclear weapon is for self-defense and the missile is for satellite.

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