Friday, June 16, 2006

Unseen North Korea

I found some interesting pictures on the BBC. They were taken by a Western businessman who traveled throughout North Korea. In contrast to the video TK Park posted, these pictures show the good side of North Korea. The organized and industrious North Koreans keep the seldom-used roads well maintained, and their small yards are kept neat and tidy. The people seem that they are making the best of a bad situation, as if they have lost all hope of change in the DPRK. Nevertheless, I feel that there are still a few who hope that the government will reform the system one day.

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tkpark said...

I believe they are nice pictures, but they are sure not the "good side" of North Korea. At most, I would say they are a better side of North Korea relative to the video that I found (I know that the video could be misleading and very biased...). For example, in the comment of the picture of the goods for sale, it says: "Just who can afford these items on a Korean salary is not clear. Perhaps some are just there for show."