Monday, June 19, 2006

A Nuclear Test for Diplomacy, If bilateral talks replaced the six-party forum

While i know this is a little dated, may 16th, I think it sheds a very interesting light on the nuclear talks in Korea as paralled to Iran and why they are so delecate. Especially with all the talk now if real missle ready to be fired from North Korea. This is an article by Henry Kissinger, who we know spear headed the cold war efforts of containment and held steadfast his views of stopping communism at all costs. see here

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ariesq85 said...

Interesting however I feel that the differences between the Iranian and North Korean situations are vast. Most of all the first thought that struck me was that although bilateral talks could work with Iran it is because the Iranians tend to have a more rational approach towards the rest of the world. This is seen especially when they commit some sort of error that angers the rest of the world and they will usually back down and attempt to diffuse the situation as opposed to the North Koreans who as Prof. Larsen has mentioned many times "tend to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory".