Saturday, June 17, 2006

The 'First Family'

I found this article which gives brief descriptions of Kim Jong Il's 'secretive' family. I didn't know he had three wives and three sons, who are virtually kept completely out of the spotlight. It would be interesting to contemplate, if it were to happen and is probably likely to happen, which son might succeed the Dear Leader and how the son will go about in achieving the same kind of legitimacy, the god-like images, his forefathers had.

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austin kim said...

I found the article very interesting although its sources were limited to the sushi chef and teh Wisteria House. Its fascinating to hear about the secretive family. Perhaps the fact that they are so secretive makes it even more intriguing.
I wonder why Kim Jong Il's sons were sent to schools in switzerland rather than their home country or even Russia. Also the article states that Kim Jong Il follows current events very closely through the internet, hmm I wonder if he has ever run across our blog :)?