Thursday, October 14, 2004

"Team America"

As I'm sure any serious cinema enthusiast is aware, the upcoming political satire entitled, "Team America: World Police" includes as its main villian Kim Jong Il, pitting him against weapons inspectors and U.S. special forces. Kim's puppet version has a comical sinister voice and is portrayed in the style of "Dr. Evil" from the Austin Powers flicks. More info can be found here.

While I'll probably see this film because of its satirical content, I worry that it may result in a generalized, oversimplified interpretation of North Korea and Kim Jong Il in the minds of some common American's who's only sources of information are South Park and the Daily Show (not that these are necessarily bad shows). Especially after what we've discussed in class about the true likelihood of the DPRK having nuclear weapons, we'll have to see the movie and compare notes to see if it is a misrepresentation or not.


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