Monday, October 25, 2004

Dr. C. Kenneth Quinones

I thought it was quite amazing that such a person like Dr. Quinones was able to speak to our class. It was great to speak with someone who has been to North Korea and who still presently goes. It was also interesting that he spoke with the very famous leaders of North Korea and was able to share some of his stories with our class. He was a very entertain individual and I was very interested in all of his stories. I probably could have spoken with him on North Korea for hours.


David Kornreich said...

I was also impressed with Mr. Quinones' resume. While I did not agree with him on some issues (vis-a-vis ending sanctions on North Korea), I thoroughly enjoyed hearing his recollections of North Korea. It's a perspective you can only get from a few select people.

Bob Martin said...

Having been bombarded by the bilateral vs. multilateral talks argument for the past few weeks, it intrigued me that Dr. Quinones thought both sides' approaches to dealing with the DPRK were somewhat flawed. If what he says is true, then clearly neither Bush nor Kerry has someone who can effectively negotiate with the DPRK.