Thursday, October 07, 2004


I was watching CNN today and screamin' Howard Dean was a guest. He seemed to indicate that Bush's focus on Iraq allowed North Korea and Iran to build nuclear weapons. While I think the war in Iraq has been a huge mistake, I don't think it is the cause of North Korea and Iran getting nuclear weapons (if they even have them). What do you all think?


gary said...

I think is point is fair, sure one could say it is not the direct cause, that would be a false assumption. However, I think it is reasonable to say that because of Iraq our efforts of nonproliferation have suffered, which one would expect, it's hard to deal with a number of very seperate countries, while involved in a war in Iraq.

John Woodside said...

I don't think Iraq had much to do with North Korea and Iran either. I think the situation in Korea would be the same now if we invaded Iraq or not. I do, however, think that our ability to deal with any new situations or threats in North Korea now have been comprimised by the situation in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Though I admire Howard Dean a lot, I think like many other liberals, he is speaking nonsense about the complex situation in Korea. Most liberals apparently would have preferred that the US had attacked N Korea instead of Iraq because of its more advanced nuclear weapons program. But much of the estimates of NK nuclear capability have been as much in error as in the case of Saddam Hussein's WMD programs. In other words, nada, there is almost no accurate knowledge of NK capability. There are many other differences in the N Korean case that make it even less likely to be a desirable target of US strategic goals. No oil for one. No threat to Israel for another. No connection with al Qaeda for a third.