Sunday, October 03, 2004


Isn't talking better than war? It seems to me that if Bilateral talks is all we can get we should go with it. It's a heck of a lot better than war on the Korean Peninsula- Then there really would be a draft. Here is a CNN article about what kerry and bush think about the talks.

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Mike Borrelli said...

I don't think that it should be an either or question. I think that one of the biggest difficulties in dealing with North Korea is that they legitimately think we're going to bomb them into nothing. I think bilateral talks, not set on creating a solution to their nuclear program, but with the goal of improving trust on both sides, would be a great benefit and would help the six party talks work better. I do think that getting into another "Agreed Framework" between just the US and North Korea would be a mistake. If the North was also violating an agreement with China, South Korea, Japan and Russia, they may think twice.

Well, in theory, right?