Saturday, May 27, 2006

International Cultural achievments

I found an article on KCNA earlier this week about a North Korean contralto who the Giuseppe di Stefano International Vocal Concours in Trapani, Italy earlier this month. KCNA often highlights things like that. I was having a difficult time verifying it and finding any information on it. I finally found an article on the pro-north site Korea is one which had some pictures and detail. I always find it interesting when North Korea highlights the achievements of its citizens in the international arena. The fact that they chose to highlight a cultural achievement in a relatively obscure area shows that North Korea's achievements in the international arena are limited. KCNA reminds me of a small local paper in the US where you might find similar stories of local interest than a national news service.

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Grom said...

If you live some time in a foreign country that is not a super power, you will come to see that most nations achieve very little in international competitions. When you compare them to the achievements of the rich and powerful United States, they most certainly look like the crappy tales of achievement you might read in a local paper(or even the Hatchet).