Wednesday, December 08, 2004

More Rights for North Korean citizens?

Hello again,

This is an article about the North Korean government's revision to the "criminal and civil rights laws" in the DPRK. Here are some changes as quoted from the article:

Under the new guidelines, an individual found guilty of illegally seizing another's possession will be sentenced to more than 10 years of hard labor from the current less than 10-year period.

Also, as indication of expectations within the country for more foreign investment, the revised framework includes a clause speaking against tax evasion. With respect to civil rights law, authorities have slashed the term for hard labor for defectors from the present less than three-year requirement to less than 2 years.
I wonder whether there is hope to believe that the North Korean government is ready to implement some changes, or whether this is another one of Kim's schemes to perhaps receive aid from the international community. Hm, this possibility is one to consider.


Anonymous said...

Hi, are you all Korean Studies majors? Theres so many diff ppl posting that I am amazed there could be so many K-studies people in 1 place.

If not, what exactly do you guys study and whats the purpose of this website?

- Neil, K-Studies student at Oxford

Kirk said...


this blog is the creation of a group of Dean's Seminar students at GW. They aren't Korean-studies students per se, but they did take my course on North Korea last semester.